The Best Stationery Gifts Client Will Put To Good Use

Stationery will always be a versatile corporate gift option to engage your audience. Whether they are students or working adults, anybody can find a use for good quality stationery. These items also present high branding potential due to the flexible options for printing, coupled with the fact that people tend to keep them around for a long time. After all, there is no such thing as too much stationery.

If your company is planning to get stationery corporate gifts in Singapore for your clients, you may be thinking of what type of gift to get. To help inform your choice, take a look at these 4 stationery gift ideas that any client would appreciate.


Anyone who has done office work would understand the struggle of finding a decent pen to use for piles of paperwork. Gifting pens to your clients is a sure-fire way to improve customer satisfaction while boosting your company’s brand awareness.

Companies looking to project a more formal or professional image would benefit from a standard-coloured pen (black or blue), with a sleek design. On the other hand, a company that wants to appear trendy may prefer to go with a unique or brightly-coloured pen with an eye-catching design. Either way, it is important to engage a competent pen printing provider to ensure that your designs come out looking marvellous.

Regardless of the design, just as important is the quality of the pen itself. A refillable pen that writes smoothly would naturally be used more than a disposable one that writes poorly.


From taking down notes to scribbling out sketches, a notebook is any student’s or worker’s greatest companion. Clients would find no shortage of uses for a new notebook. Even if they do not use it immediately, a trusty notebook will be right there when they need more paper to jot down their thoughts.

As for marketing managers, notebooks cater to their needs as well. With a large front and back cover, notebooks provide a large blank canvas on which designers can plan out their advertising designs. There is also a variety of materials for the covers you can choose from, ranging from kraft paper to fabric. You will have no trouble finding a notebook that suits your company image and your clients’ needs.


Clients can say goodbye to loose documents strewn all about their office with this practical gift. Having even a single extra folder can go a long way in getting organised, even better if they get can multiple to categorise their papers.

Companies have many options when it comes to folders as corporate gifts. Classic L-shaped folders are always a safe option, while more specialised envelope or certificate folders would provide a sense of professionalism that could impress clients. Like notebooks, folders have a lot of space to work with for designs, so their promotional potential is similarly high.

Memo pads

Memo pads see use in professional and domestic settings. You may have seen post-its used in corporate strategy planning, or as reminders of tasks for the week ahead. In any case, memo pads are highly versatile gifts that can align with any company’s branding.

Since there is not as much space to work with as compared to with notebooks and folders, designs need to be more concise. To compensate, you could get a memo pad with a custom shape, which would help your company’s gift stand out from the others. Some larger memo pads even come with practical additions, like storage areas for your pen and ruler, or bookmark stickers.


You can never go wrong with high-quality stationery corporate gifts. With its practicality and flexible branding options, stationery is suitable for any target audience and any branding image. To get the best results, you should engage a reputable corporate gift company that also provides reliable printing services.

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