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How To Gift Your Clients With 5 Gifts Practical For Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic introducing new challenges all across the globe, priorities of consumers have shifted. Companies also need to adjust the way they interact with their clients accordingly, including their corporate gift choices. Pandemic essentials are becoming a popular alternative to the traditional suite of corporate gifts such as custom […]

The Best Stationery Gifts Client Will Put To Good Use

Stationery will always be a versatile corporate gift option to engage your audience. Whether they are students or working adults, anybody can find a use for good quality stationery. These items also present high branding potential due to the flexible options for printing, coupled with the fact that people tend […]

4 Reasons You Should Work Hard & Excel In The IELTS

The International English Language Testing System (IETLS) is one of the most popular tests worldwide among people who speak English as their second language. It acts as proof of their language proficiency. For students who wish to study abroad in predominantly English-speaking countries, an official IETLS score is often a […]

4 Ways Singapore Is Profitable For Business Operations

Many global businesses are expanding to South-East Asia to achieve their growth strategies, and Singapore is uniquely positioned as a springboard for businesses looking to enter into the region. The city-state is recognised as a lucrative gateway for businesses due to its advanced infrastructure, political stability, skilled workforce and business-friendly policies. […]