The Rivervale Plaza in Singapore offers a number of options in refreshments, services and assorted merchandise for sale. Located in Sengkang New Town, the plaza has undergone renovations and regained much of the glory that had been considered lost. Much as there was a bit of controversy surrounding the renovation, the plaza’s image was given a boost in the aftermath and is today considered a chill-spot in the neighbourhood.

Considerably smaller than most of the other newer malls, the plaza nevertheless offers the little comforts that you may seek while you are out and about.

Rivervale Plaza houses a number of eateries consisting of restaurants and fast food chains. You can also grab a bite at one of the food courts available there. Moreover, the plaza is home to a couple of bakeries that sell small treats to soothe your sweet tooth!

Considered a basic amenity in almost all shopping malls, Rivervale Plaza has hair salons that offer a wide range of hair care services. Whether you come from the neighbourhood of Rivervale and need a quick touch-up or are new to Sengkang New Town, the plaza’s salons can offer many conveniences.

No doubt, the presence of a supermarket in a mall is crucial as it influences much of the activity there. The Rivervale Plaza is not lacking in this regard and has a store within its premises for the convenience of shoppers. Many items for daily use can be easily bought here.

Even better for shoppers who need fresh food items in the presence of a wet market in the plaza from where fish can be bought. This is not a common feature in many new malls and is, therefore, a plus for the Rivervale Plaza as well as revellers who love fresh fish!

The plaza houses clinics that offer different medical services. You can access optical care at the plaza and even get to purchase medicines from one of the pharmacy outlets located within it.

Aside from the modern forms of clinical health care services available, the plaza is also known for housing Traditional Chinese Medicine experts. The service options available at these TCM outlets range from herbal remedies to acupuncture.

Other than the amenities discussed above, the two-floor mall has a lot more to offer. From clothing to mobile phone and computer accessories to photo printing outlets, you can get almost all the little things you need for day to day life.

There is even a music school within the premises of Rivervale Plaza where children and adults alike can get music lessons.

Located within the Rivervale neighbourhood, there are a number of ways to get to the plaza depending on your location. You can use both public transport (underground rails and buses) and private means. Once you are in Sengkang, it shouldn’t be difficult to make your way to the plaza.

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