What To Look Out For When Getting A Sofa Bed

With such constricted spaces in modern houses, not all of us can afford to have big guest rooms. This might create trouble when we have too many guests coming over. In such a fix, a sofa bed can be a life savior. They can be great and affordable alternatives for outing up guests even when you do not have a standby room. Especially, get it from an online furniture shop in Singapore.

The design

The designs of a sofa bed vary in furniture Singapore market where you get everything starting from a pullout couch to a futon. Here are some popular ones:


Futons are very commonly found in every second household because of their easy move ability and the fact that they are foldable. The mattress will be stuffed with cotton that will get stiff as time passes and it might not be very comfortable. This is a reason that futons are an inexpensive choice compared to other sofa beds.


Pullouts are loved by customers because of their smart design which allows you to pull it out smoothly and it saves a lot of space. They can be used for sitting and you can sleep in it quite comfortably as well. A pullout will cost you a bit more than a futon or any other design.


These kinds have more usage than just being a space to sleep in. If you think you want to use your sofa bed during the day as well, then a daybed can be perfect for you. They will be the size of a basic bed or a twin bed.

Besides sofa bed, you can also go for 3 seater leather sofa.

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