What to Avoid to Prevent Termite Infestations at Your Home

Getting a new home is an exciting event that most people will be proud to celebrate. When you own a home, you can furnish it to your liking, and decorate it in the style you love.

So, one of the worse things that can happen is to see your hard-earned new home become infested with pests. Pests like termites can easily damage the furniture and items in your home, causing irreparable damages and substantial losses.

The best way to prevent this situation from happening is to make sure your home does not attract these pests. To reduce the chances of termites infesting your home, you need to know what attracts them. Here are the top causes of termite infestations that you should seek to avoid:


Most types of termites love areas with moisture, because they need water to survive. Thus, they are attracted to areas near leaky pipes, or damp, dark corners with poor ventilation. To make sure your home does not give termites the optimal conditions to survive, you should avoid having these types of areas in your home. Any leaks in the home should be addressed right away, and you should ensure every corner of the home is well ventilated.

Wood near the home

If you live in a landed property or at the ground floor of an apartment and have wooden structures that connect from the ground to your home, you are at a higher risk of having subterranean termites enter your home. This type of termites travel through the soil, and having wood near their habitat makes your home attractive to them. Through these wood structures, they can easily find their way into your home.

Hoarding paper and wood

Termites love to munch on cardboard, scrap wood, and even newspapers. If you store large amounts of these materials in your home, they can become a feasting ground for termites. Wherever possible, it is advisable not to hoard these cellulose-based items. Otherwise, always be sure to keep them free from moisture and preferably away from potential termite entry points. This means storing them above the ground, away from windows and doors, and in an area with good air circulation.

By knowing what attracts termites to your home, you can avoid making your home welcoming to these pests. However, in the event that you have tried all means and ways and still find termites in your home, fret not. A professional pest control company can help you implement termite control to get rid of these pests and prevent further damage to your home. In fact, whether it is a termite problem or other pest problem, calling up a pest control company is always the most effective way to eliminate pests from your home. Look no further for cockroach extermination and bed bug control services – let pest control help you!

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