Ways to Incorporate Marble Interior Design in Your Home

Nowadays, the trend of incorporating marble into your interior design has pushed several homeowners to engage with an interior design consultancy to see how to best place the material in their homes. This glamorous material offers a modern yet elegant twist to your home but it’s also easy to slip and have your entire house look gaudy and excessive. Incorporating marble and have it blend well with other design structures is tricky, but here are 4 interior design tips you may want to consider.

1. The Best Location: Kitchen

So, you want to incorporate marble into your house? Well, what better place than the kitchen? Most luxury interior design firms will advise in having a simple kitchen, especially since it can get messy really fast when cooking. Marble is perfect as its design is not overpowering and can complement with simple solid colour palates. Use marble as your island top or your backsplash. Another reason why you may want to consider this material for your kitchen is the fact that it’s easy to clean. You can now get rid of stains or spillages without much effort.

2. A Statement Piece: Marble Flooring

Interior design has come a long way and several design firms have devised innovative designs and concepts to widen the consumer’s options. One of these designs is overlay flooring, which flooring that is placed on top of the existing one. This method requires no hacking of the old flooring and on top of that, it’s significantly cheaper. You may want to look at overlaying your entire living room floor with marble. Apart from easy maintenance, but they also have a cooling effect. This quality is easily a plus point, especially with Singapore’s heat. Consult your condo and landed house interior design firm and implementation will be a breeze.

3. The Small Things Matter Too: Marble Furniture

If you wish for furniture that exuberates elegance and strength of great renown, marble-based furniture is it! A dining table with a coloured marble top could very well be that statement piece that catches the eye of your guests. Not only does it serve an aesthetic purpose, but marble can also withstand a lot of wear and tear. Whilst they are relatively more expensive than other materials, they are truly worth the investment. This is especially great if you wish to splash marble aesthetic here and there, without having to commit to an entire marbled wall or floor.

4. Budget-Friendly Marble Interior

On that note, it may be expensive to have a complete overhaul. Covering your walls with this luxurious stone may dent your finances slightly. Luckily, there is an alternative! You can wrap your walls with marble wallpaper instead. Achieve the exquisite abstract design will wallpapers that are almost indistinguishable from the actual thing.


Currently, marble is trendy and very fashionable. Get in touch with us for our interior design packages if you wish to include this gorgeous stone in your home designs. Do remember to consider the type of marble, whether it’s light or dark, monotone or coloured as these qualities will give your home a nuanced elegance. For instance, for those who wish for a contemporary look, dark marble is the way to go. However, if you prefer a more spacious feel, white marble is it.

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