Traditions To Respect When Attending A Chinese Funeral

The funeral services are one of the most important rites for every human being. There are certain traditions you need to follow for the Chinese funeral Singapore.

What are the Etiquettes You Should Follow in the Chinese Funeral?

Funeral rites vary from culture and country but all of them are followed to ensure that the soul of the deceased person does not face any hurdle to enter the afterlife. People follow different practices and customs.

It goes without saying that China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Today’s Chinese people value their old traditions and customs whenever they value modernization and advancement in technology. Here are some of the etiquettes you should follow for Chinese funeral Singapore –

Chinese Funeral Tradition in Singapore

Funeral services have a very important presence in Chinese society and all the etiquettes and rules should be followed strictly. Failing to follow the etiquettes and rules of the funeral brings bad luck to the family of the deceased.

Hence, traditional Chinese families are used to host lavish funeral ceremonies for the near and dear one who is deceased as elaborateness determines the status of the family.

What Colours You Should Wear?

Be sure to dress well in dark and sober colors if you are going to attend a Chinese funeral as a guest. You can adorn muted and pale shades but black is the safest color to look for.

  • Refrain from colorful and bright clothing as it shows moods. Also, avoid reds as they reflect happiness in China.
  • It is best to wear white colors. Be sure they are completely plain without any design at all.

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