Top Places To Get Children’s Birthday Party Supplies

Nothing about party planning is ever easy.

Especially when it comes to party supplies – how do you know which is the right store when there’s so many of them?

We’re here to show you some of our favourite party stores which will solve all your party needs in no time. From party décor, to dining wares and goodie bags, we have curated a list of Singapore party suppliers that are affordable one-stop shop for your kids birthday party.

Keep on reading to find out which go-to party supplies stores will work best for you; be it for birthday celebrations or any special occasion.

Party & Gifts, AZ Gift & Trading and Heart Link at Middle Road

Talk about variety indeed. A 3 in 1 package, the Middle Road is the talk of the town when it comes to party essentials.

Like this birthday banner but can’t seem to find the right pinata to match your theme? Move on to the next store! Still not satisfied? One more shop awaits you!

It’s a shopper’s paradise if you’re always on the lookout for supplies for your parties.

Party & Gifts

Miss the good old times as a young kiddo? Here’s a blast to the past at Party & Gifts! Find traditional games such as five stones, chapteh and pick-up sticks – excellent for bringing an old school charm to your party!

You could even throw in a carnival filled with delicious and classic snacks. They even have party supplies perfect for all kinds of seasonal festivities like Chinese New Year and the upcoming Halloween! (Better get your party fix early before all the supplies run out)

AZ Gift & Trading

Forget about the regular goodie bags – they have stylish organza bags here!

Not sure of what we’re talking about? Dig deep into your memory space – we’re sure you’ve probably seen them at weddings as favour bags; they’re perfect for storing adorable fondant cookies or other little trinkets!

You will be spoilt for choice with their assortment of gifts too! So time to start cracking on packing your goodies into these versatile bags.


Fancy clown costumes and large, grand bouncy castles? Catch em’ all at Heartlink!

They even offer highly entertaining and memorable part sets and rentals for your pick. And just like Party & Gifts you can shop online if it’s too far or you don’t have the time to stop by!


When you step into the store, you might notice all the packaging materials at a glance. But remember – first impression is not everything!

Dig deeper into the store and you’ll find different sections bursting with party décor, novelties, costumes and so on. Not to mention, with 47 branches islandwide, your party needs can be met easily.

Cool and whacky masks or hats? Classic party poppers and light sticks? Or got some of your own fancy balloons from AMAZON which you need filled with helium? You can pretty much find everything here at SKP! Looking for a store to visit without having to go out of your way? SKP’s your answer.

Kidz Party Store

Is your child big on themes or do they have a favourite character in mind?

Grant your child’s desires or wishes in a blink of an eye with party supplies from Kidz Party Store! They have everything for both the gentlemen and ladies, from Mickey Mouse, Avengers, Toy Story to Disney princesses and Hello Kitty.

It’s the perfect destination for those looking to theme up their party! Despite their name, they also have fantastic party supplies for all other types of celebrations. You just need to go searching a little deeper here and there, play around with the décor a lil and voila – you are all set for a themed party!


What if visiting physical stores is just not your thing? What then?

First things first – relax! We know how some of you out there are not a big fan of browsing physical stories. Fret not, MTRADE is the perfect solution to your troubles.

With about 28 main product categories, you are sure to find a wide variety of party supplies such as – colourful or solid partyware, party clappers, party blowouts, firecrackers and birthday candles! The best part? You don’t even have to leave your home.

Just make sure to check their delivery schedule for the available delivery dates! They’re currently offering one time free delivery for orders above $100. (provided that they don’t come with inflated air-filled or helium balloons) Now, go on and shop in the comfort of your own home!

Party City

Those with a sweet tooth – it’s time to rejoice!

Party City is all about the good-old, traditional pinatas. From conventional choices like numbered pinatas and horse pinatas to kids favourites like SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora The Explorer.

Going old-school with pinatas always works like a charm with children! Surprise your child with a pinata and let them hit or pull on the strings of the pinata to their heart’s content. They’re going to have tons of fun taking apart the pinata to release that shower of delicious sweets!

Spotlight, Daiso & Art Friend at Plaza Singapura

If you are into a DIY party, Plaza Singapura will be your shopping haven. Shining the spotlight, on ‘Spotlight’ is exactly what we’re about to do. Otherwise, there’s Daiso for $2 budget-friendly options and Art Friend for an amazing range of art supplies.

Hold on; we know what you’re thinking. Party supplies at Spotlight – the store with all the home, bathroom, bed, kitchen & dining essentials? That’s right!

They’re actually pretty big on party supplies like costumes and accessories to themed partyware and décor. They are also affordably priced so you won’t have to spend big bucks on all your party necessities. If you have kids with creative souls – even better! There’s plenty of tools and ingredients for coming up with the perfect bake too.


Getting the perfect mashup of party supplies is an absolute must, but what if you’re not sure where to start or how to put them together?

That’s where it calls for a helping hand to save the day! Let a kids party planner in on your plan – they’re sure to help plenty. Our children party entertainers are sure to hype up the crowd in an instant – from a marvellous magic show birthday party to pique the curiosity of the little ones with fun and engaging face painting and balloon sculpting activities!

Now, you know what’s there left to do – rope in a professional buddy to help you tie your entire party together nicely!

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