The Reason Behind Your Reoccuring Pimple In The Same Spot

Most people’s relationship with acne started during their teens at the stage of puberty. Yet more than half of them experience outbreaks of acne in their adult years. The vicious cycle of stress-related acne will only make you break out more, thanks to the high cortisol levels released during times of stress.

These breakouts can even show up in the same spot again and again, which can have significant negative impacts from skin pigmentation to acne scarring that leads to lower self-confidence.

People often turn to using anti-acne products and making lifestyle changes, but they still get frustrated with frequent breakouts. Why is it happening and what can you do about it?

What is adult acne?

The main contributors of adult acne are sebum, the skin’s natural oil that is produced in the sebaceous glands. When there is increased sebum production, it provides an ideal environment for the P. acnes bacterium that’s already residing on the skin to be attracted deep into the hair follicles (pores). The hair will get clogged and when the immune system is unable to eliminate the bacteria, the inflammation reaction persists and leads to acne pustules and cysts.

Acne is caused by multiple factors but if you’re frequently experiencing breakouts on the lower face, chances are it is more hormone than hygiene-based or unhealthy eating.

Why is my acne recurrent?

In adult acne, certain pores on the face will get damaged over time. This problem is prevalent as out of the thousands of pores on the face, there is a very small percentage of pores that are damaged, which means they get blocked more easily than normal pores.

When there is an increase in sebum production, due to reasons like diet, stress, or environmental factors, these damaged pores are more susceptible to blockage, leading them to form into pimples. Normal pores can typically cope with increased oil levels but for damaged pores, they get clogged and result in acne breakouts. Thus, this is why your acne always affects the same few spots on the face.

What is the solution?

As these “bad pores” are the reason that made your skin acne-prone, the solution is to selectively treat the pores one by one. This is done by the doctor who will begin looking at every single of your pores painstakingly under a microscope. Even though it can be a lengthy detailed work, the result is satisfying as it is very effective.

At Aesthetics Central Clinic, we use a special device developed in Japan and Korea to introduce a tiny burst of electrical energy into each damaged pore on a microscopic level, delivered through a fine wire that is directly inserted into each pore. The burst of energy causes the affected oil glands to shrink and produce less oil, thus lowering the chances of the damaged pore getting clogged. Subsequently, pimples will be less likely to form.

As the offending sebaceous glands are eliminated, you can expect to see around 70% to 90% improvement in your pimples and acne. They will also occur less frequently and heal faster. Most patients also notice 50% improvement after just one treatment! As fewer pimples pop up, you can then focus on going for acne scar removal in Singapore for existing marks and scars from previous breakouts to achieve a clearer complexion.

Reach out to us to learn more about this treatment to battle recurrent acne. You can also seek more details on other treatments available such as cystic acne treatment in Singapore, contact us today!

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