Reasons Why Cremation Is A Popular Ritual In Singapore

After a loved one has passed away, it is not easy for the family members to decide what to do with the body of deceased person. For most people, the end point of the grieving process includes the cremation or the burial of the departed. As a result, deciding on which option to embark on and planning for it is painstakingly important.

Whether it is a cremation or a burial, the rituals set in place have an impact on the family and other loved ones. Such rituals and practices not only confer dignity and respect on the deceased, but also act as a reassurance to the family members that they have taken care of the deceased until their very final departure from the physical realm.

Due to the land scarcity and the limited space of burial grounds, cremation has become a more common alternative to burials. Given that the burial policy in Singapore dictate that burial sites can only last for up to 15 years, many families find it practical to choose cremation over burial if their faith allows them to do so. After the 15 year time period is up, families have to enlist the help of grave exhumation services in Singapore. If they are new to such processes, the family members would thus rather have a cremation for the deceased.

Besides having a more pragmatic approach, more people are opting for alternative methods of handling the deceased person’s body. People are looking into cremation so that they can be buried at sea. Another reason why some people wish to have their ashes scattered at sea is to fulfil their wish of “traveling” the world. Sea burials enable them to do so in the afterlife.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the departed will have a respected send off. We strive to fulfil their final wishes and assist the family members in any way we can during this grieving process. No matter cremation or burial, we will take care of everything.

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