Is Your Dermatologist Good At The Job?

Apart from credentials and certifications, there are some other important things you should keep an eye out for when deciding whether a dermatologist is good or not. Here some more points to consider;

1. After-hours care

Your dermatologist may have unofficial hours that he or she will be out of the office, but your acne scar does not have unofficial hours. So, during your acne scar removal treatment, if anything comes up such as an allergic reaction, you should be able to get in touch with your dermatologist, especially in the evenings or weekends. A good dermatologist should provide a means of reaching him or her for emergencies or after-hour enquiries. It could be an answering service that relays messages to them or an urgent contact line. You sure do not want to be left hanging if you have pressing issues on weekends or in the evening on a weekday.

2. Zero Sales Pitching

A dermatologist is a doctor and not where you should be feeling compelled or convinced to buy things. A good dermatologist and their staff should never push treatments or medications on you especially if they do not address your issue which is acne scar removal. The moment your dermatologist is acting like they want to make money off you, you should seek options elsewhere immediately. You need someone who will be focused on providing you with the best acne scar removal treatment and not to use you to rake in profits for the dermatology practice.

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