How To Know If The International School Is Bad For Your Kid

There are lots of children who have an above average IQ and mostly they are inborn already. You cannot take away the fact that there are children that are really intelligent in nature. And most of them study in international schools in Singapore there are lots of high IQ kids that you can find there.

Probably because a lot of parents really want to nourish the IQ of their children more that is why they tend to choose the best international school for their child.

If you have a child that also has a high IQ these are some tips that you can do to maintain and even nourish it!

  • Limit their use of gadgets – by doing this you can take away the risk of your child getting addicted to games that accessible with the use of gadgets. This is a great way to for your child to shift their focus on their studies which will eventually become very beneficial in increasing their IQ.
  • Buy them some puzzle toys – instead of games that can be accessed with the use of gadgets go for games that are more educational and at the same time will not compromise your child’s health and school performance. Because using gadgets can definitely harm the eye health of your child and some studies have shown that the radiation emitted by gadgets can cause seizures in children.
  • Nutritious diet – this is definitely a no brainer because you really need proper nutrition for brain development. It is proven that a nutritious diet is a very important factor to make our cells healthy especially in our brain which is a crucial factor in the development of our brain.
  • Sufficient sleep – this is a very important factor in maintaining and developing your child’s IQ because lack of sleep can damage brain cells which are the cause of memory loss.
  • Let them be involved in physical activities and sports – this will promote good blood flow which will improve their focus. By having a great focus the child can grasp their lessons well which will help them in maintaining their IQ.
  • Avoid absenteeism – when your child absents for a day or two in school they will miss a lot on their lessons and can eventually left behind in terms of academics if their absences become habitual. This will compromise their IQ as well as they miss a lot of learning in every absence.
  • Provide them with vitamins – this will help prevent the lack of nutrition. This will ensure that your child meets the daily nutritional requirements that they need.

Now you already have the tips that you can implement immediately you can ensure the bright future of your child by maintaining his or her high IQ. Especially if your child is studying in an international school in Singapore it is really crucial for your child to have a high IQ because of the stiff competition and the high standards of education that your child will be facing while he or she is studying there.

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