How To Have Fun With Your Friends While Staying At Home

Social distancing has become the new normal in Singapore. Even if we go out for essential purposes, keeping at least a metre apart from everyone is a must! What more our friends, who live kilometres away from us. Is there anything that can be done to keep in touch with them, instead of going the usual route by texting them?

Well, wonder no more! Sit back and buckle up as we share some ways to do so!

Make and share your bakes

Notice the increased activity in the kitchen? Thanks to the dalgona coffee and banana bread food trend, more and more people are putting their chef’s hat on and trying their hand at baking!

The joy about baking is seeing your creations come to life. Or if you’re making bread that requires proofing, there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing your dough double in size. Video chat your friends to host a baking party together! While waiting for the item to bake, you could converse with one another, and once it’s done, you can all show off your wonderful creations!

Send them flowers

You don’t necessarily have to verbally tell someone you miss them, or that you’re thinking of them. Most of the time, your actions speak louder than words.

Order some flowers online to be sent straight to your loved one’s doorstep! Flowers are a classic way to convey your emotions and thoughts, and it seems like the act of giving someone a bouquet will never go out of style. Receiving a cheery sunflower bouquet is sure to put a smile on their face!

Host virtual watch parties

Tune in to your favourite movie or TV show and organise a movie night and invite your friends to a virtual watch party! Synchronise your start time so you and your friends can enjoy shows and movies together in real-time.

Write them a letter

When we’re on our mobile phones, we’re bound to get bombarded with endless streams of messages and other notifications. On top of that, catching up with the news can get pretty disheartening.Perhaps it’s time to take a step back from your electronic devices and disconnect. Whip out your pen and paper and write your friends a letter. Mail it out the next time you leave your house for essential purposes.

Host virtual events

There’s been a number of events planned that would unfortunately not be taking place. However, that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating your happiness through virtual means, right?

Plan these events online, and invite your friends so all of you can have a ball of a time! It could be your birthday celebration or a baby shower. Up to you, because the sky is your limit!

Have a group workout session

When staying home, you’re probably glued to your couch or laptops for most of the days. It’s time to change those couch potato ways, and get moving!

Schedule a group workout with your friends as you motivate one another to persevere through the challenging exercise moves. Or, you could reach out to your favourite instructor to see if they’re willing to host a group video session if you’d like to be guided by a professional.


Always remember that you’re not alone. Everyone knows how lonely it can be, so it’s essential to connect with people through these tough times – but virtually. When you’re safe at home, know that you’re doing your part to curb the virus from spreading even further!

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