How To Choose The Best Type Of Rug For Your Living Room

The carpet in the decor is a centerpiece not to be taken lightly. The colorful rug will change stuff, fill up those dull tiles or surfaces, or bring a bit of class to your house. It is usually essential to set the tone for space in the living room. Whether small or XXL, neutral or colorful, styled or simple, or in size, customizing your interior is an undeniable asset. So, we’re focusing on helping you find the best rug in Singapore that would be right at home that can add some color and style to your living space.

Variety of materials used for rugs

  • Wool

Because of its its durability and warmth, wool is a commonly used fabric for rugs.

Why we enjoy it: Durable; good shade and air repellence; Great insulating characteristics; comfortable underfoot.

Pros: not suitable for humid places as it will absorb the moisture; contrary to shrinking; slight shedding may happen but will decrease with the moment.

Best suited for: living spaces, facilities dining Room, high-traffic regions.

  • SILK

Luxurious and lustrous, rugs made of silk are loved for their warmth and delicate shine.

Why we enjoy it: a very smooth and sumptuous feeling; better than wool.

Pros: requires specialist washing; can demonstrate footprints.

Best for: Usage in bedrooms, low-traffic fields.


Rugs such as dhurries and kilims are most commonly used to create flat-weave rugs.

Pros: generally more inexpensive; easy to clean.

What to take into account: Doesn’t fit well for lengthy stretches of the moment.

Best for kitchens, rooms for children, informal places.

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