How TCM Slimming Helps In Weight Loss Quickly

Who doesn’t want well-toned, slim body without much effort? It is like a dream for everyone. However, it does not mean you can lose weight while being a couch potato. You just have to make some lifestyle changes, without even going out to the gym. Consider some TCM slimming tips that may help you.

Don’t Overeat

Stomach and the Spleen are considered to be the main organs for digestion. So, do not eat too much food that can be harmful to your digestive organs. When these organs cannot manage extra weight, they can cause troubles like slow metabolism, weak digestion, dampness etc. It is always recommended to avoid raw, sweet, chilled, and greasy food.

Control the Spleen

Spleen transmits all the body fluids and nutrients around the body. If it is working well, it will not accumulate metabolic waste and extra body fluids. This way, Licorice Root, Coix Barley, Chinese Yam, and Poria are helpful to improve the overall functioning of Spleen and in weight loss.

Exercise well

Even if you are not going to the gym, you should still exercise moderately to improve blood circulation in the body and avoid the problems of Phlegm and dampness.

Acupuncture for slimming

Acupuncture can also help in controlling weight gain. It includes needles, which are placed to the specific pressure points to promote digestion, boost metabolism, and control sugar cravings.

You should ask the licensed physician who can tell what is good for your body. Therefore, here are the TCM slimming tips that may help you lose weight.

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