Guitar Playing Tips To Help You Be A Better Guitar Player

As a guitarist, you’re constantly trying to improve your playing, but given the large number of variables in ability between guitar players, certain advice can be solely subjective. A certain technique a player has been utilising for numerous years could be a eureka moment for them, but might not work for someone else.

Regardless of your ability, the quest for further self-improvement is always present. We’ve compiled a list of simple yet effective tips you can use to become a better guitar player.

1. Record yourself

To have a better idea of how you play, recording a video version of yourself will allow you to see where you’ve had your hands on the guitar neck. This will also help you when you are trying to remember riffs. Additionally, when you record yourself via video, you get to see how far you’ve come while exploring areas where you have improved and which aspects need work.

2. Break bad habits 

It’s good to spot any bad mistake or habit so you can avoid repeating it. For instance, many practise while sitting down instead of standing because it’s more comfortable, but this might become a bad habit and affect your performance when you’re standing up.

However, this goes beyond simply practising while sitting down. Some guitarists hold their guitar in a position that doesn’t allow their fingers the optimal strength to play, which might even lead to them hurting their hands. Dedicate some time to figure out the basics and ensure you never practise bad habits.

3. Play a cover song 

A fun and efficient way to be a better guitarist is to learn a cover song. This gives you the opportunity to learn new techniques and turn your practice sessions into a more enjoyable session – especially when you’re jamming to your favourite songs. It can provide you with a mood boost and give a sense of motivation to continue your practice.

4. Play with others 

Whether it’s people you’ve just met or friends you’ve been jamming with for years, playing the guitar in a band setting is one of the best ways to improve your skills. From learning how to play a certain song to creating something from nothing with others, playing with people teaches you many things. If there’s no one you can play with, join a group guitar lesson to learn with like-minded guitar players!

5. Play a different style

Keep your favourite genre sound fresh and try a song with a different style than what you’re used to. You might just come up with something new and interesting! Take your pick from a wide range of albums in just about any genre. This can help you deal with the boredom of playing the same style and get rewarded with fresh, creative ideas.

6. Be prepared for your practice sessions

It’s crucial to know what you’re going to practise the moment you start. Otherwise, you might run the risk of potentially playing the same stock riffs while relying on muscle memory. Planning ahead helps you progress in getting better at guitar playing to ensure you don’t procrastinate and focus properly.

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