Direct To Garment Printing For High-Quality Designs

DTG or Direct to Garment Printing is a developed technology for t-shirt printing in Singapore. This technology is able to print very high-quality designs. In the method, you can print full color, photographic direct to the t-shirt. This system is perfect for artwork and complex designs. The printing method will print the design on the t-shirt surface with advanced techniques. DTG printing technology and machines have an elaborate color mixing function which allows it to print even the smallest details. If your printing quantity is small and wants to print a few t-shirts, then it is best for you.

Benefits of DTG Printing: Here you can print with unlimited color. There is no color limitation and restriction. If you have a small space for t-shirt printing, then buy a DTG printing machine because it is not very big. It allows you more flexibility and mobility on the work. Its set up time is low, and you can print a t-shirt with every detail and color in less than 30 minutes. Compared to other printing method, elements of DTG printing shouldn’t make a mess in the room. And DTG inks enter directly into the fabric, and you can’t feel the printing on the t-shirt. It is smoother than other options.

Disadvantages of DTG Printing: The machine of DTG printing is a little bit costly. Here you will find unlimited color but limited artwork replacement. The machines of direct to garment printing require maintenance. After, all it is demandable in Singapore.

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