Create Visual Harmony With A Good Flooring & Wallpaper Combi

As we are cooped up in our homes to stay safe during this period, you might decide to renew your floors. However, the last thing you want is to spoil it with an inappropriate wallpaper design for the bedroom. Many households, especially rented apartments in Singapore, have floors that have been worn out over time. While the long-term solution to such a problem is to have it repaired, the use of wallpapers is a good idea, especially when looking at a tight budget.

When choosing the type of wallpapers for your floor, you should look to use something that will not destroy your design overall. A suitable wallpaper for your wall should be one that is easily removable. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are steps you can take to match your flooring with the wallpaper.

1. Know Your Floor Color

Once you have picked out the right flooring, you should look to find the right glow, whether it is warm or cool tones. This helps you imagine what the colours of your walls will look. To detect the floor colour, you can look at the undertones of the woods. In most cases, warm floors have red, orange and yellow undertones. Cool floors, on the other hand, have blue, grey, and taupe undertones.

The process of detecting the colour of your floor could take a little more time if you used luxury vinyl flooring due to the number of designs it comes with.

2. Finding A Matching Wallpaper Color

Once you have gone through the process of evaluating your floor, the next step is to find a matching wallpaper for your floor. The general rule here is quite simple, and the warm colours should go along with warm colours. By doing so, the colours of your wallpapers can better help to emphasize the flooring colour better. For example, blueish-grey flooring can complement a green wallpaper that you may have chosen.

3. Go for Contrast

Another way of choosing the appropriate wallpaper for your floor is by using complementary colours. Choose a wallpaper colour that is opposite to the flooring colour. While it may seem wrong, the results can be surprising. For example, if your flooring has yellow undertones, violet wallpapers might not look out of place. Instead, it sends a bold statement about your personality. Using bright wallpapers to compliment undertone flooring is a good idea. For example, the dark mahogany floor does not go well with dark wallpapers regardless of your colour of choice. Similarly, white floors do not match well with bright wallpapers.

4. Neutral Shades

If you are still confused on which wallpaper colours to choose from, neutral wall colour shades may be the right choice for you. Using neutral tones is a simple way of ensuring that your wallpapers will complement any flooring you may have chosen. Simple shades like beige, taupe, and cream complement most flooring options. Such colours give your room a minimalistic look.


While picking out wallpapers for your home can be exciting, one wrong decision could ruin your plan. If you are not confident about choosing your colours alone, the services of an expert can be of great help. Matching décor is vital for the beauty of your home, most notably the flooring and wallpapers. The inclusion of custom made curtains can also enable any complimenting colours you have. Tile and wallpapers are the most visible features in the room. Therefore, take your time to choose complementing colours for your floor and wallpapers. A perfect wallpaper and floor can unleash your imaginations and create magical, adventurous spaces in your room.

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