Common Mistakes Teachers Should Not Make In School

As a teacher, you probably already know that you are a role model to many.

Teaching is a noble profession because it equips students with the necessary skills they need to become productive members of society.

Not to mention, since students tend to believe their teachers more than their parents, it is, therefore, very critical to have teachers with good qualities for students to enumerate.

However, even teachers can make mistakes sometimes when teaching and in turn, this may end up destroying the students’ ability to see life positively.

Below, we have pointed out three very common mistakes that some teachers make without realizing.

Teaching Good Education Equates To Good Life

There is more to life than just getting a good education.

Although education is absolutely vital in Singapore, to have a better life, you will need to do much more than just learning.

Some teachers fail to point this out to their students, and when such students get good grades after school and find nice jobs, they expect life to be completely satisfying. However, they soon realize that there is more to life than learning.

For example, they need the wisdom to make good decisions in life. And since such knowledge is rarely found in classrooms, it is good for teachers to point this out as they teach.

Fail To Let Students Think For Themselves

A school should not be a place to feed students with information only; they should also learn to think by themselves. To achieve this, important life skills should be incorporated into the teaching curriculum.

For example, an A level physics tuition should include lessons involving household electric repair because every student will at one time, need to repair a broken switch.

Lack of Motivation

Like children, students learn more by imitations than hearing. If you are always moody and fussy in class, your students can easily develop those vices. On the other hand, if you are always jovial even when circumstances demand otherwise, your pupils will pick up this character from you. It is, therefore, critical for teachers to realize this so that they can be a good role model for students and encourage them to inherit the good traits instead of the bad ones.

So, ensure that you always keep up a good attitude whenever you are teaching in class. When you are able to do this, your students will understand what it means to have good behaviour, pick it up and demonstrate that behaviour themselves in the future.


Teachers are among the greatest influencers. Moreover, students tend to do what they see than what they hear. It is, therefore, crucial to have teachers who take life positively so that they can pass this character to their students.

More importantly, there is a need to make students know that life is more than just good grades so that they can be prepared for reality. These will prevent a lot of anxiety and stress when they move out of classrooms and join the real world.

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