3 Reasons Why There Is A Need To Get An HIV Test Today

One of the most talked about sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in the world is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV. This virus slowly wears down the immune system of a patient, up until a point where the body can no longer fight off infections, which is when the patient develops Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Fortunately, there are medicines that can delay the onset of AIDS for HIV patients. In order for these medicines to be effective, people with HIV should begin treatment as soon as possible. This is one key reason why you should regularly go for HIV testing in Singapore.

HIV can be a virus that affects more than just the patient. It can also greatly affect their relationships with their sexual partners, their family members and their social circles. This article will provide you with 3 strong reasons why you should visit an HIV clinic in Singapore today.

  1. To maintain your health

Heading to hospitals for regular health check-ups is something that everyone does. Going for an HIV test is very similar. You’re taking the test to ensure that you are healthy, especially when you may be having sexual interactions with multiple partners.

Going for a check and getting a negative result can give you a peace of mind, while getting a positive result for your test allows you to start treatment earlier, thereby allowing you to live a longer life.

Besides that, visiting an STD clinic in Singapore will also give you the opportunity to ask questions about STDs with a qualified doctor. It is great to be able to consult a trained professional about your health concerns.

  1. To protect your partners

STDs can greatly affect your sexual life. Living with HIV can have serious consequences for people in committed relationships, especially so when their partners do not have the virus. Being tested negative for HIV can allow your partner to breathe a sigh of relief, as they do not have to worry as much when having sex with you.

Testing early is also good for people who have a high risk of having HIV. When undergoing antiretroviral medication for HIV, your viral load will also greatly decrease. What this means is that it is slightly safer for you to have sex. People living with HIV who take their medication regularly is less likely to transfer the virus to others.

However, it is still recommended that protection be used during sex, in order to prevent the further spread of other STDs.

  1. To find support

Finally, should your worries of having HIV come true, it is important for you to find the support that you need. There are support groups for people living with HIV, and doctors at HIV clinics in Singapore can recommend you for one. Doctors can also provide a comforting ear when you undergo your test. These sources of support are essential when you may feel that the future is bleak. Certainly, you will have a lot of questions about living with the virus, and they are the best people to give you the right answers. Speaking with people who understand your situation and withhold judgement can greatly benefit your emotional wellbeing.

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