Ways To Aid Your Child In Learning A Foreign Language

Young minds can process and understand any language easily through many ways, but it has to be done gradually. They pick up their first language from adults mostly through basic communication and playful activities, where they try to understand the activity and then obtain its meaning from the adult’s language, mainly from their parents. Their innate receptiveness to learning language starts early and even at the tender age of three, they can get into the basics of foreign languages words very quickly.

It is clear that learning new languages is very helpful for children to advance in other sectors of education. Those who are fortunate enough to learn a second language while they are young mostly use their intrinsic language throughout their life. For them, acquiring a third or fourth language comes easily, and this is a helpful skill in competing against their peers in this modern world. If you wish for your child to learn a foreign language efficiently, here are some of the ways you can assist them:

Start with the basics

Children at the age of 5 to 14 years can mimic the proper phonetics and sounds of any given language. You should capitalize on their natural curiosity and innate ability to learn before they lose interest at the age of 14, in most cases. Start by writing down words you wish for them to learn for the day and put stickers or labels on daily things that children get in touch with. Use items found in their rooms, the refrigerator, plating mats and even on toys to enhance their passion and boost encouragement for learning other languages. For instance, the Japanese word for fridge is Reizoko so putting this sticker on the refrigerator helps the child remember.

Watching cartoons

Since most children love watching cartoons, it is one of the most efficient ways of learning a foreign language. Psychology shows that kids are very passionate about what they love. This helps them learn the language easily. Cartoons with subtitles of the foreign languages are very helpful because children can not only learn meanings of the new vocabulary but also their pronunciation, thus making them more interested in that language.

Playing games

Playing games is essential to children not only for fun but also for their development and education. It is important to incorporate your lessons with what they love. Since there are many games over the internet, you can download or purchase in baby shops around Singapore. Some of the best games suitable for learning activities are mostly card and board games such as Scrabble, particularly the foreign language edition. Though you might need to teach them the rules before playing, Scrabble has proven to be educational since it requires one to form words with only the given letters.

Travelling to foreign countries

When it comes to learning foreign languages, it is beneficial to surround yourself with people who are native speakers of that language. Travelling to other countries helps the child to learn the language as well as the culture and tradition of the native speakers.  This improves their fluency in that language and be aware of most of its dialects since they are less likely to be taught in schools.

This exposure is great for the child especially since it makes them more competitive and increases their chance to work in foreign countries. It will also help them improve their social skills while interacting with other people.

Enrol them in school

Training them at home may not always be sufficient for children. Compliment their efforts to learn a foreign language by enrolling them in schools, such as the Korean Language school Singapore. In a classroom setting, children will have an opportunity to interact with their peers and be taught by some of the best language trainers in Singapore with qualifications and skills to train young minds.

EBooks and apps

Technology has really revolutionized the world by bringing a change in how things are carried out and done. As a parent or tutor, you can easily download eBooks in the foreign language and read with the child. You can also download mobile apps that teach foreign languages such as Korean. These apps have excellent tutorials and exercises that your kids can use and improve their proficiency in foreign languages on the go.

Let your children stand out from the crowd by giving them an opportunity to learn a foreign language. They will have numerous opportunities in future. You can start with a good korean course in singapore and watch them flourish in their foreign language mastery.

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