Top Reasons To Get Clear Braces

It’s true that well-aligned teeth look great every time you smile. And it’s even truer that alignment is important for dental health.

Misaligned teeth are difficult to keep clean in spite of brushing and flossing. The risk of plaque, tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss can be higher when alignment issues exist. Orthodontic treatment with braces corrects alignment and straightens teeth.

While some types of braces are effective but look prominent, clear aligners have similar treatment benefits to traditional braces but they blend in and are practically ‘invisible. Designed from sheer but strong materials, clear aligners are less visible yet effective.

Over the years, this has become one of the go-to choices when it comes to getting braces treatment. And to make sure you get the right braces treatment, you should get in touch with an experienced orthodontist in Singapore.

Clear Braces Don’t Demineralize Tooth Enamel

With the advancement in orthodontic technology and the emergence in ceramic braces, the tooth enamel won’t be affected as the ceramic brackets are attached by using the highest bond strength possible using an exceptional bonding agent. Not only does it make sure that the ceramic brackets are fastened to your teeth, but it also prevents any subsequent colour change around a bracket and demineralization during the treatment.

With that being said, it shows how the high level of adhesive strength from ceramic braces helps to keep both the braces and teeth in place at all times. Moreover, your tooth enamel will not be affected throughout the treatment.

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