The Perks Of Clear Braces Over Traditional Braces

Apart from aesthetic reasons, braces are used for aligning misaligned teeth to fix overbites, underbites and crossbites. Often, people refuse to undergo the treatment for fear of having metal in the mouth and the awkward appearance of metal on the teeth.

Meanwhile, clear braces offer an alternative for metal braces, providing a better way to straighten teeth without having any metal fixed on the teeth. Besides, any good orthodontist in Singapore will recommend clear braces if you are looking for teeth alignment procedure.

Below, you’ll find the many benefits that clear braces have over traditional braces and after understanding these pros you’ll know why you should get clear braces.

Facts about Clear Braces

The key reason why clear braces are the optimal choice for many people is due to the reason that they are much less noticeable as compared to the traditional metal braces. However, before you decide to for clear braces you will need to find out whether you’re a suitable candidate for it. A good orthodontist in Singapore will be able to tell you whether you can go for it or not, so don’t make any rash decision and do some proper research and consultation first.

Though clear braces may have some amazing benefits, it also has its limitations.

Clear braces cannot treat some severe problems that metal braces can. Depending on the complexity of the correction needed, you should always opt for metal braces when it becomes a grave problem as metal braces can tolerate more pressure. However, it does not mean that it is entirely impossible for clear braces to correct such orthodontic problems, it will just take more time for you to correct them with clear braces.

Moreover, one more factor that you should understand is the clear braces cost in Singapore. It is advisable to find out the cost of clear braces for your type of alignment treatment to make sure that they are affordable for you. Compared to metal braces, this type of braces can be slightly more expensive and are not covered under medical insurance or dental insurance in Singapore. When you are getting in touch with your orthodontist, make sure you get him or her to explain to you in detail about the benefits and cost of clear braces.

Benefits of Clear Braces

If you are thinking of wearing clear braces to correct teeth alignment then you might probably want to find a good orthodontist in Singapore that provides clear braces at an affordable cost. Clear braces can prove to be expensive when compared to metal and other types of braces, but there are several benefits of having clear braces. Here is the list of benefits of clear braces.

  • Clear braces can be removed easily when you are drinking and eating which prevents the possible damage of staining them with drinks and food.
  • The ‘invisible’ and clear braces do not leave discoloured areas and marks on teeth when removed, unlike metal ones who leave visible marks. The discoloured areas and marks may last a few weeks to years and sometimes even for a lifetime.
  • Clear braces need not be tightened once in a few months, unlike metal braces which need to be tightened periodically to achieve the desired results which are painful.
  • Clear braces go unnoticed to your co-workers, colleagues and other people you interact with on a regular basis as they are clear and invisible to the naked eye.
  • Clear braces can be removed which allows you to clean the teeth and braces thoroughly to avoid bad breath.
  • The cost of clear braces generally includes the replacement set cost which allows you to get a free replacement in case of any damage to the original set.

Although clear braces cost a little higher than traditional braces, they are low on maintenance which means fewer visits to your orthodontist. What’s more, you are able to reap plenty of benefits and is especially useful for those who are more particular about their appearance.


Both Adults and kids are equally conscious of their appearance, especially when they are wearing braces. Clear braces are a perfect way to overcome the awkward look of wearing teeth aligners as these are invisible to the naked eye.

A good orthodontist in Singapore can provide you with proper guidance and help with clear braces cost, alignment procedure, and duration of the treatment.

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