The Guide To Engaging A BBQ Caterer For Your Event

There are several caterers in Singapore offering bbq catering services. However, it can be rather challenging to find the best BBQ caterer for your event. How then, do you decide on the right caterer for you? The first step is to ask friends, family and colleagues. From a list of suggested caterers, you can compare and hire the best for your party. Here are more suggestions to help you find the right bbq catering service.

Number of guests

What’s the size of your party? How many people have you invited for the event? Is it an invite-only basis or an open party for all? Planning for barbeque wholesale catering services for an invite-only party is easy. However, you need a professional caterer to plan for an open party. They will have the necessary experience to know how to serve meals even with a high number of guests.

Experience of the caterer

The kind of catering service you will receive depends on how experienced the BBQ caterer is. Firstly, you need to know that there are lots of upcoming caterers claiming to offer the best bbq catering services. However, most of them have not been tested nor hired for a huge party. It is therefore advisable that you check the expertise and experience of the caterer. One of the ways to determine the experience level is to inquire of their previous tasks.

Consider reviews

Don’t hire blindly. It is advisable that you look up the services offered. It is also advisable to research on their service delivery and communication. Are the BBQ caterers prompt in communication? Can you rely on them in terms of timely catering services? You can also read reviews from past clients from the BBQ caterer’s website. These reviews will help you decide on a BBQ caterer you can trust in Singapore.

Catering equipment

The other thing to consider is the catering equipment used. Modern BBQ catering equipment widely used in parties not only save time but are also stylish. A professional catering company should be well equipped with the latest catering equipment. Before you hire a BBQ caterer, it is advisable that you visit them or ask them about their catering equipment.


Do you have a set budget for the party? Did you know that food and beverages may use up to over 50% of your budget? The cost of catering involves a lot of things. Before you try to estimate the cost yourself, it is advisable that you get quotes from different caterers. Compare the costs and type of catering services to decide on the best caterers.

Event’s date

Lastly, choose an available BBQ caterer. Professional caterers are always in demand. You need to book them as early as possible. BBQ caterers in Singapore are highly demanded during holiday seasons. It is likely better that you discuss your catering needs a few weeks or month before the event date. Make sure to make a down payment so you can be assured of booking.

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