F&B Practices To Ensure A Pest-Free And Hygienic Eatery

Managing the hygiene of a restaurant is no easy task, yet it counts a lot towards the success of any food business. An eatery with pests visibly scuttling or buzzing around won’t do any good to the customer’s experience, and also compromises on the health and safety of your customers and staff.

Yet the nature of a food business means that there are a lot of attractions to pests. Thus, if you own a restaurant, it is important to take conscientious steps to manage the cleanliness and pest situation in the kitchen and dining area.

Here are some quick reminders on how to maintain a pest-free and hygienic eatery:

Proper food handling

Proper food handling is not only about the pests. It helps to prevent cross-contamination of foods and prevent dire circumstances like food poisoning. Kitchen staff members need to be regularly trained and reminded to upkeep proper food handling habits, including having separate zones and utensils for raw and cooked food, not handling food with bare hands, and wearing a hairnet or cap.

Proper food storage

Food items that lie around at the end of the day are what give pests a field day. Thus, keeping away all food items in securely sealed containers or bags is of utmost importance. Whatever items that can be cold-stored should be kept in the fridge or freezer. To keep the rodents from poking their noses in your dry food items, it would be worth it to invest in some metal bins or crates with a well-fitting cover to store your dry goods in.

Dispose responsibly

Some restaurants look fine from the front, but the back of the kitchen – and their dumpster – tells the real story. The amount of food waste that comes from a commercial food business is no small issue. The only way to keep pests away with that amount of food is to dispose of them properly. If using your own bins, invest in some with tight-fitting lids and keep them closed. When disposing at the public garbage area, ensure that bags of rubbish are securely tied up (and double-bagged, if necessary) to prevent leakage and attraction of flies, cockroaches, and the like.

Clean regularly

Although a restaurant’s kitchen staff is important, the waiters and cleaning staff are also a vital part of the process. They have the responsibility of making sure that the dining areas are kept pristine and presentable. Clearing tables immediately after diners have left will reduce the chances of pests like flies (or in open-air spaces, birds) from gathering.

Pest control management program

The above steps are what you and your staff can do regularly to maintain the cleanliness of the restaurant. However, you can also further engage professional pest control services to help you manage the pest situation with constant monitoring and prevention measures. With their expertise, they are able to sniff out vulnerable points and design methods to combat pests and keep your eatery pest-free.

When you make an effort to maintain a pest-free restaurant, it will help your business and give your patrons a more pleasant dining experience. You also won’t have to constantly fear the next cleanliness check-up when the authorities next knock on your door!

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