Differences Between Wedding Photographers and Photo Booths

An event photography service is a must-have during a wedding. After all, it is possibly the most important day in a couple’s romantic journey. From the reception to the wedding ceremony, most couples will want all to be captured on camera so that they can always look back at that momentous day. That is the reason why many couples allocate a significant portion of their wedding budget to hire reliable and professional photography services. There is, however, a distinct difference between some photography services that are offered in the market currently. While wedding photography is the most common, there is a significant increase in the rental of wedding photo booths in Singapore. These two services are quite different from each other. Here are the main differences between wedding photographers and wedding photo booths and some reasons why you should consider having a wedding photo booth at your wedding.

What do they prioritise?

While similar in some aspects, these two photography services actually prioritise very different groups of people during the wedding. Wedding photography will typically focus mostly around the bride and groom and the wedding ceremony. Sometimes, they may capture a few shots of guests. However, when there is a large number of guests, it is likely impossible that they can capture pictures of all the guests. That is where a wedding photo booth can come in. The focus of wedding photo booths in Singapore is solely on the guests of a wedding. The photo booth provides a dedicated space for guests to take pictures during the celebration. The bride and groom may also make use of the photo booth over the course of the wedding, but the focus is definitely on ensuring that every guest has the opportunity to take a commemorative picture at the wedding. This is why photo booths are so often hired – so that guests can feel that they are not left out of the celebration.

How long do they take to deliver?

Wedding photographers will usually require one week after the wedding to touch up the photos that were taken. This is very common because the conditions where the photographer works may not be optimal for the perfect photos. The happy couple will usually only receive their wedding photos in a compiled album after the editing has been completed. In contrast, the finest wedding photo booths take less than a minute to produce high-quality and well-lit photographs that guests can bring home immediately. This is done using studio-quality lights, a powerful DSLR camera and a sturdy tripod, so little editing is needed before the photos are printed. That is one advantage of a photo booth that should never be missed.

What other services can they provide?

While wedding photographers are often unable to provide additional services as they rush around the wedding venue, wedding photo booths often can. Add-ons such as props and customised backdrops are available. Best of all, photo booth staff are often very well-trained in guest relations as they often work with guests to ensure they receive their finest possible photos. A photo booth in Singapore is certainly a guest-oriented service that will bring much-needed fun for guests.


With these differences, it can clearly be seen that these services are inherently very different. There are different benefits that each photography service can bring. Wedding photo booths in Singapore will be the key player in providing a fun and guest-oriented photography service for all to enjoy.

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