Correcting Common Beliefs About International Schools

We have seen and interacted with a lot of people, especially parents who send their children to a top international school in Singapore and have some wrong notions about the school.  There is no doubt about how much impact the choice of school has on the academic life of a child. It is therefore crucial that while all options are on the table, you have to be fully aware of all that has to do with the school. Enrolling your child in an international school Singapore has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is up to you as a parent to figure out if it is a good option for your child. Most of the top international schools Singapore have operated for over a decade, but still, people believe certain myths which have misled them. Let us check out some of the wrong beliefs that people hold about top international schools Singapore and debunk them.

  1. Only students who plan to study abroad attend an international school.

Although, if you have plans to send your child to a foreign tertiary institution, attending an international school may be a good idea. But the thought that only students who aspire to go abroad attend international schools is a fallacy. Some students attended local schools and still traveled abroad for further education. Attending an international school only gives the advantage of having an internationally accepted certificate. Therefore, anybody can attend top international school Singapore whether they want to travel abroad or not.

  1. Students from top international school Singapore do not get admission into local colleges.

Every student that attended the top international school Singapore can attend any local college of their choice if they wish. Most tertiary education institutions accept students from international schools in Singapore.

  1. International school students do not do well in competitive exams

A lot of people believe that the curriculum used by local schools in Singapore prepares the students better for competitive exams. But have no idea that top international schools Singapore have the most competitive and rigorous academic curriculum that do not only prepare students for their exams but advanced studies as well. Top international schools Singapore help their students forge a well-laid out career path.

  1. International schools do not have the same syllabus.

All international schools in Singapore teach the same thing across all classes and ages. The schools offer a similar curriculum to suit their different classes.

  1. A student cannot change schools.

A student can move from one international school to another. It is only recommended for parents to make sure that their children remain at the same school for a reasonable period to ensure academic stability. It is also essential for the child so that they do not have to keep changing environments and friends and cultural exposure.

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