Birthday Party Checklist: What To Ask Your Child’s Organizer

Every parent will want to plan out the perfect birthday party for their little one. While it can be a challenge, party planners are here to help.

However, not every party planner out there is a good fit for your kid’s birthday party. What’s more, you only want the very best for your child. So any party planner that doesn’t hit the mark for you – just won’t cut it.

Now, keep calm and carry on. Finding the perfect birthday party planner in Singapore is not tough at all. Just get a hold on these questions and start bombarding the party planner with them – rough move but you’ll know their true potential.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your pen and get moving – the faster you get your questions answered, the earlier the party planning will start!

How much will your services cost me?

Trust us, we know how important it is for you to throw a phenomenal party for your precious little one – you just want them to feel the ultimate bliss and party planners would love to achieve the same for you too!

But if you’re not careful with the costs incurred – you’re going to end up burning a major hole in your pocket. So, ask all you want – you’re entitled to all these rights! If you already have a party planner in mind, find out how much they’re asking for their services – from party decorations to entertainment – check all of them out.

Now, you’re just left with comparing that party planner with others and you’ll know if you are making your money’s worth.

Do you have experience in handling past parties?

Nothing speaks louder than experience.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with leaving the work to rookie party planners, but veterans – just do the job better. Talk to the party planner directly and dig out all the information that you can regarding their past experience.

Once you have digested everything, let your eyes do the talking. Taking a look at their photo portfolio of past events and parties will let you know if they are capable enough to create a masterpiece for your kid’s party.

When should I start planning for my kid’s party?

You want to know how fast the party planner can work, what’s their usual time frame and whether they can keep with your pace.

Challenge the party planner with this question and watch out for their tone of voice and answer. They should be calm and collected – but most importantly – they should be able to provide a reasonable time frame to gauge your preparation time before your little one’s birthday.

Any answer too impractical or ridiculous – be it a chunk of time or too little time needed – will mean that the party planner should not be in your list of considerations.

What kind of services do you offer?

The party planner that you’re planning to engage with should be providing a splendid range of services. Fringe activities, party entertainers, party decorations to photo booths – the more the merrier!

Each one of these services has its own part to play during a party. Especially when it comes to perking up the party, party entertainers have to step in and keep the atmosphere happy at all times. Check if they offer the services of a mad scientist or a magician – they’re some of the few party entertainers that always seem to work well with children!

And if you look deep enough, you might even find that some party planners offer birthday party packages in Singapore. Congratulations, you have officially made the party planning, even more, easier for yourself! Hooray, indeed.

Will you be coming up with contingency plans?

The party planner that you are working should forever, and always, be prepared. If they aren’t ready to face any unexpected situation and problem – then you should consider working with someone else.

These things – such as unforeseen weather or damaged equipment/decorations are completely unpredictable. So, make sure they know what measures to take when a certain incident happens without warning – for instance – a backup venue for an outdoor location in case of bad weather.

Either way, Plan B should be done as detailed as possible to assure that no mishap befalls your kid’s birthday party. A frown on your little one’s face is a big no-no!


As a parent working hand in hand with the party planner – you should know that there should be perfect chemistry between the two of you.

Without getting all these questions answered – you’ll be working with a mystery. And you don’t want that to happen because your partner in crime should be the best out of all those party planners.

So, when you’re in search of a party planner for your kid, hit them with these questions and you’ll know if they’re the one for you.

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