5 T-Shirt Design Trends That Will Be Everywhere In 2019

With summer almost around the corner, it is time to bid goodbye to your winter clothing. Renovate your wardrobe with t-shirts as they never fail to make an impression on others.

Different designs get fame and fade away, and similarly, 2019 will showcase a lot of different designs, some from the previous year, and some new designs as well.

Read the following article to find out more about the top T-shirt design that will make an impact this year.

1. T-shirts Inspired from Nature

You will be seeing a lot of nature-inspired t-shirts in the coming months. Some of them including floral prints and natural textures like furs.

Other designs to look forward to are butterfly wing tees and dragonfly wings styled t-shirts.

2. Cartoon T-Shirts

Good news for all the cartoon lovers; these tees have made a comeback with a bang. You can expect to see all the major brands showcasing cartoon themed t-shirts. This year, your wardrobe will be colourful and humorous, so get ready to buy some cartoon t-shirts.

Plus, let me add further good news here. The t-shirt printing in Singapore trend is still on, so don’t forget to get some tees printed with your favourite cartoon character. Whether it is Bugs Bunny or Donald Duck, you can easily get it printed.

3. Gothic T-shirts

This trend will surely take the youngsters by storm. These t-shirts will include pirate skulls, skeletons ancient seascapes, rope details and so much more.

Be ready to grab some weird look from others this year, with the gothic style t-shirts.

4. Feathered Fantasy

This style will contain a lot of bird feathers all around the shirts, added in a creative way. If you want to create positive vibes, think about feather printed t-shirts.

One tip for the designers themselves is to combine the feather design with other elements to make it look ultra-attractive. Some ideas include; exotic peacocks, songbirds, detailed features, and intricate prints. Go wild and come up with some amazing designs that the consumers will love.

5. Floral T-Shirts

The floral T-shirt trend can never go out of fashion. This year, the trend will only gain more popularity. Floral tees are quite common among men and women alike, and designers like Gucci have created a lot of floral tees in the past and it has been well-received among the consumers.

Filling your wardrobe with t-shirts is never a bad idea, they can never go out of style. With so many designs and styles of t-shirts, you can wear them every day and pair them up with shorts, trousers, and jeans. Make sure you try these designs and yes, if you want a customized t-shirt printing, hire a designer to do that for you.

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