4 Night Markets in Singapore You Must Absolutely Visit

Singapore is a major shopping destination for shoppers around the world and even with the vast number of malls in the country, taking a break from the mall and opting for the markets is a good idea, especially the night markets. Sometimes, it is best to shop in the evening or at night even, as you will be able to get great deals on some of your listed things to buy in Singapore.

We have done a roundup of the best markets for this purpose, and in this article, you will find useful information about these markets like their opening times and locations.

  1. Tekka Centre

Tekka Centre is a daily market where you can get freshly cooked food and clothes. Located on Serangoon road just at the corner of Buffalo road, you’ll find that Tekka Centre offers an authentic Singaporean market experience. You will find any type of fresh vegetables and seafood in this market, in addition to the many hardware stores as well.

Most of these stores open between 6 am to 9 pm every day, so hurry over and be mesmerized by the variety of options that are available within this market!

  1. Bugis Street Market

This is another daily market that offers you a lot of things to buy in Singapore. From electronics, clothing, postcards, key chains to stationery, you’ll find all these items available within Bugis Street Market at a low-cost.

If you’re planning to head over there, all you have to do is simply get to Bugis MRT Station via public transport or cab and find the entrance with a red roof. The market is open between the hours of 11 am and 10 pm every day, and the crowd that you will see walking towards the market is proof of how much the market has to offer.

  1. Little India Arcade

Little India Arcade can very well be known as the cloth market in Singapore for its diversity of graceful cloth. Whether you’re looking for Arabian and Indian cloth, homeware or fabrics, you’ll be able to find many of these available within this market.

Besides all these already splendid choices, you can also find dried herbs, traditional dresses, spices, colourful artwork and flash accessories at affordable prices. If you do not like shopping under intense heat, visit the market in the evening, but if you intend the crowd, your best best is to visit in the afternoon.

  1. Chinatown Street Market

If you have food on your list of things to buy in Singapore, you should head to this market. It is open between 10 am and 10 pm, but in reality, it only becomes bustling in the evenings.  It is a distinguished market in Singapore that offers all types of fashion items, electronics, souvenirs, antiques and a bit of every other type of thing that you may need. However, the star of the show is not among any of these.

The main point of attraction in this market is the abundance of food and affordable restaurants scattered all over. The major dishes and street-food in Singapore are readily available in this market which is also known as Chinatown Food Street. From satay, roast duck, rice and chicken to Stingray, you will find a lot of food to choose from. This market is located in Pagoda and is opened every day.

Almost everyone loves the idea of shopping because you’re getting something new, but not everyone likes the idea of walking around endlessly to find the thing that you’re looking for, especially not in the sun. But with these couple of night markets in Singapore, your next shopping experience won’t be so dreadful and be more pleasant instead.

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